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ballarini sas - piazza cavour 2 - 16039 sestri levante (ge)   - 

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ballarini sas - piazza cavour 2 - 16039 sestri levante (ge)   - 

pi e cf  02636330991

terre di liguria sas - corso andrea podesta 12/8 -  genova  

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la casa delle compere - 150

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The original name of the building was the Banco di San Giorgio, and it was home to the oldest bank in the world dating back to 1407.

Why 150… because it stands for the number of years of activity of the Ballarini family (since 1870) and the number continues to be a part of the family story.

The premises are where our family started in the hospitality business many years ago.









In the building where the main agency of Banco di Chiavari was and the previous home of the historic Eden hotel, we selected the perfect to fulfill the dream to start our latest initiative.


In order to enhance the memory of the commercial fabric of historic Sestri, that we wanted to uncover and restore the ancient red brick walls that reveal the importance of this building in the historic center of Sestri.











La Casa delle Compere, or 150 if you prefer, offers a series of food specialties characterized by artisan quality brands, expression of our region, so rich in excellence, often not sufficiently valued.


The truth is that Liguria, due to its unique geographical make up, has always had very limited inland exchanges. It is probably for this reason that, over the centuries, it established itself as a maritime power.


Our eternal desire to discover many small local productions, has led us to have a wine list that is solely focused on our region, coming to offer almost two hundred Ligurian wine labels: a sort of "Regional Enoteca".


Speaking of wines, there are also those of the Vinaccieri.


With the "Amici del Leudo" Association, which takes care of the maintenance of the last sailing Leudo boat, and keeps it alive the historical memory of our navy, in 2012 we initiated a modern version of this vessels craft of bringing local wines and products to other parts of the region… by rekindling The Vinaccieri profession.


The wines of the Vinaccieri Daniele and Andrea are the last and tangible witnesses of a profession, that of the Vinaccieri.


Today everything takes on a romantic light since thanks to this activity the "Nuovo Aiuto di Dio" Leudo can boast the title of the last Leudo still in business, waiting for a Unesco recognition that hopefully will arrive soon.





All of our dishes represent products that are the best ambassadors of our region in the world and underline the importance of a poor Ligurian cuisine that is rich in character.


Our selection of products range from cured meats of Sant'Olcese by the Parodi company, Castiglione Chiavarese , and the brothers Camillo and Alessandro Perazzo, cheeses from Val d'Aveto, Val di Vara and Val Trebbia, the craft brewery in Torza, and honey from Tassani.


Our Vinaccieri collaborations with Luca de Paoli of Cantina Levante, the local administration, Musel and Mucast, give us the honor of having a cellar of aging of wines in the oldest copper mines in the world ... the Masso mine.


In short, all this experience has given rise to the need and desire to propose a completely new place that re-proposes tradition.


Don't miss the chance to visit us!




We will make it possible… and real… Thanks to you!


Our kitchen is open at all hours of the day, all year round.










The location of our restaurant, in the center of the Sestri Levante’s cultural hub supports our families universal goals.



Working together with all associations that are concerned with keeping our traditions alive, such as the brotherhood of St. Peter, our diocese of Santa Maria di Nazareth and the Capuchins are just some examples of our commitment to local culture.



For some time we have had the honor of collaborating with the administration in numerous projects, including the one that fills us with honor: the recognition of honorary citizenship of Santa Cruz, a beautiful town in California, where many Rivanians emigrated and where they still exist today "gozzi" and "rivanetti"...



We hope you will come visit us!




Simona, Daniele and Andrea


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