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ballarini sas - piazza cavour 2 - 16039 sestri levante (ge)   - 

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the "Vinaccieri" history

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The Vinacciere profession was a hard one. Linked to the sea, trade, legends and good luck, comes from an ancient tradition like our history.


The Vinaccieri traded wine using a classic wooden sail boat called a “Leudo”. This boat sailed from the Cinque Terre to the Islands of Elba, Corsica, Sardinia and even Sicily.


Listening to old stories, Andrea and Daniele Ballarini decided to create new stories and innovate this ancient maritime and in so doing becoming the last Vinaccieri , with the only Leudo still in business called, the "New Help of God".


Examples are the Vinaccieri wines include some matured in the oldest copper mine in Europe in Masso, near Sestri Levante, or the fine craft beers created from secret recipes with the infusion of native wild herbs, in collaboration with Elisa and Simone.


The Leudo is part of our history and our tradition. This boat, in the past, had the task of transporting all kinds of necessities, food items and especially wines by way of the sea to Cinque Terre, the Islands of Elba, Corsica, Sardinia and even Sicily.


The heritage of the Leudo, has an important role in the local history especially as there are only about ten of these boats in all of Italy.


One of the Leudo boats called the "New God's help" is owned by Dr. Gian Renzo Traversaro. Thanks to the collaboration with the "Amici del Leudo" association, it returned to the sea in 2011, thus providing a glimpse into the past and providing the local community with a sailing legend.


 The history of this boat includes maritime legends such as Tomaso "Marcello" Stagnaro, Agostino Ghio "Giustinin" , who was helmsman of Marconi on the Elettra and even the Pissarello family, famous for their businesses and splendid tavern in Via della Libertà in Riva Trigoso.


The Leudo is a priceless part of our heritage, not only as a boat, but for the history and culture it has handed down to us.  Andrea and Daniele Ballarini, members of the association and strong in their wine business, decided to continue the profession of the Leudo by asking the owner to resume the wine trade in particular with the Island of Elba.


 For the barrels, the solution was found in Sicily, where there are still barrels manufactured with the same wood used in the past and of the best shape to be able to face a journey at sea.


In order for everything to happen, it was necessary to proceed with organizational work that involved everyone.  In addition to the owner, all the partners of the association, made their skills available to without sparing anything.


The success, however, was immediate and today the products find a well-deserved place on the best tables.


The plans for the future are obvious ... to continue this ancient tradition by bringing the wines and products of our region to the guests at our tables!


the trip of leudo from vernazza

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